Firstly, if you’ve landed here after I rudely approached you on social media, then thank you for taking the time to have a nosy at what I have to say.

I’ll keep it brief; I’m a thirty something male sub. I’m writing a book about my journey from a naive 16 year old who didn’t know why he liked girls in shiny clothes to a nearly 40 year old with plenty of tales to tell.

I’m looking for help from within the community and I’m shamelessly targeting those in the scene with a hefty social media following. What I’m looking for is a little help with RTs and exposure to increase my profile and that of the forthcoming book.

I can’t offer much in return apart from reciprocal RTing, eternal gratitude and a free advance copy of the book once it is finished.

If you feel you could help then please drop me a hello or follow on twitter. If you’re not interested then thanks for reading up to here.

If you want to read the first chapter then it can be found here.