Diana Von Rigg

A change is as good as a rest, and seeing as I have used up all my rest time of late it is time for the aforementioned change.  Up until now this blog has been about me and my thoughts.  I say up until now as morethanwhips is branching out.

The kink factor will remain but having met so many wonderful folk on twitter I decided to share my space with them. First up is the delightful Diana Von Ring who has kindly agreed to answer a few questions for MTWAC.

Diana as a professional Mistress who operates out of premises in Walsall in the West Midlands.  I was about to say she is also very damn hot, but you can see that for yourself in the photos she has kindly shared with us.

So, Miss DVR, tell us a little about yourself? How long have you been a pro Domina?
I’ve been into kink and all things related since I was around 18/19. I first started camming and doing occasional modelling at that age and started out on the fetish scene as a submissive but soon found it wasn’t for me. The last 4 years I’ve been nurturing and honing my Dominant side but it wasn’t until 2017 I decided to make a real go of it. I was a Tattoo Apprentice in my vanilla life as well as a studio manager, so it’s never been about the money. Once I found myself thinking about it 24/7, unable to focus on my art because I was putting so much time, energy and devotion into this, I came to the realisation this is exactly where I want to be, where my heart is and where my true passion lies, I haven’t looked back since. I’m incredibly grateful that Mistress Katerina reached out and offered to work with me to teach me everything I’d need to know. This isn’t something I feel should be rushed or taken half heatedly. Everyday is a school day and I intend to still be learning as well as dishing out the punishments from my wheelchair at 90.
Do you have a speciality at all or are you a Mistress of all trades?
I don’t have a speciality per se as I think that will develop naturally in time. However, the things I enjoy the most at this moment in time include pegging, harsh corporal punishment, cbt, wax play, and feet/shoe worship (you can add CEI to that also as that naturally follows the worship).
It seems social media is awash with horny submissives, do you have any advice on how they might endear themselves to a Domina and stand above the crowd?
STOP THINKING WITH YOUR DICK! First and foremost!! This is so important, if you’re seeking a Mistress and you’re going down the online route, think with your head and your heart. Wank before you log on if you need to but you’ll always find a shift in priorities once you learn that thing in your trousers isn’t going to do you any favours. Manners also, it’s still somewhat surprising the majority of males that forget how important manners are when speaking to a Mistress. I always find a respectful and polite introduction, a ‘how are you’ or even if you’re shy and unsure how to approach, send a small tribute and it will never go un-noticed with any Mistress. If you approach with ‘I want blah blah’ , unsolicited photos, demands, rudeness, sexually explicit messages etc you will look like a horny twat and will simply remain ignored.
How and when did you realise you had sexually dominant tendencies?
It wasn’t something I don’t think I ever ‘realised’ in that sense as I’ve always been dominant in every aspect of myself. For me, it’s been more of a long process of acceptance and development. It wasn’t until I attempted to start out on the scene as a submissive (for reasons unknown) that I discovered a very natural, dominant sexual power to myself.
Is there a scenario or activity you haven’t partaken in as yet that appeals to you?
Lots and I can’t wait to indulge! Strap on parties, Forced Bi parties, filming, 3+ Domme sessions, touring, pony play, different variations of rope bondage and suspension. There’s still so much to explore and I know the list will only continue to grow with my experience.
How can a sub differentiate between a good Domina and an insta-Domme with a twitter account thinking it’s easy money?
Research and using your brain are key. Does she have a website, does she comply with SSC, RACK etc, does she demand money before you’ve initiated a conversation or beg for rent, is she commenting on every post with a Findom hashtag saying DM me, does she display true dominance or is she just abusive, does she have professional photos or are they all taken from a bedroom with a snapchat filter. There is so much to cover, it’s all about using your goddamn common sense and if you haven’t got any then you should stay well away from BDSM, Findom, Femdom, all of it. It’s worth mentioning there’s good and bad on both sides of the coin, as long as you engage your brain, you’ll do just fine.
What are your thoughts on Findom?  
I won’t ever claim to know everything as we’re all still learning but this is just my humble opinion at this current moment in time, my mind is always open to change. In the right hands, it’s wonderful on both accounts, all of my owned subs participate in some form of Findom with myself whether it’s them purchasing my lunch for the week, taking me shopping for session supplies, allowing me to budget for them to the n’th degree including internet banking, or even just sending because they feel it’s the right thing to do. It’s a huge part of servitude for me and I think it might be for most Dommes, however there’s such a shitty stigma with it that many are put off indulging in it. The way I see it, it’s a great way of gauging a person, their intentions, how genuine they are regarding submission, and many may think ‘how, it’s just money’ Well it isn’t just money, it’s one of the most powerful tools in the world, if not THE most powerful, and I say tool because that’s what it is, in findom play specifically its a tool, NOT a goal. Often used in power play to establish a strong dynamic between a Mistress and her sub, it’s a very distinct, authentic and direct way to establish power and control over a person. As it’s such a broad spectrum, it’s hard to define what exactly Findom is in 2018 if you’re basing it off the way it’s used with social media and the exposure it’s had in recent years with the press, however from my knowledge and opinion it’s main use is for long term 24/7 D/s relationships where the Dominant controls every single aspect of the slaves life including finances, for some their most sacred possession, the actions in its self speak volumes. I can only speak for myself on this but I thoroughly enjoy it and within it’s limits, and ensuring non consenting parties aren’t involved, it gives me one of the greatest feelings of power from my boys. It allows me to see they’re engaging with me for no other reason than to gift me with full control and please me. It shouldn’t be abused in anyway shape or form, and the person in receipt of tributes is JUST as responsible for ensuring all play is SSC and without risk to either party. 
To find out more take a scoot over to IwantDVR.com

Looks who’s talking now – the need for subs to communicate (honestly)

At first glance, a sub making it clear what they want from a session is almost an oxymoron. Surely the whole point of being submissive is giving up that control?

To some extent that is true, and we subs are often warned about topping from the bottom. That said, the reason we are in to this crazy world is to get our kicks (sometimes literally) and it makes sense to try and set guidelines.

As I sub I’ve been in the position where you feel you have to offer everything up to try and catch the eye. As I’ve grown older and wiser I can see how foolish that is. Many of it the Domme’s I follow on Twitter joke about the garbage attempts at interaction they are subjected to. Continue reading “Looks who’s talking now – the need for subs to communicate (honestly)”

Why is it always the other guy?

You know how it is.  The man who gets the response from the Mistress on twitter or seems to know everyone on Fet Life.  Why does he get the action when you don’t?  It is hardly fair is it?

Well, actually it often tends to be more than fair.  He is the guy that has paid for a session with the Mistress numerous times.  He is the one who attends munches and club nights.  He is the one who puts his photo on his profile rather than a generic kink photo from google images.  He is the one that makes BDSM part of his life.

What is wrong with you?  You are always polite in the messages you send to 25 Domme’s per day.  You compliment them.  You suggest you might like to session one day in the future without ever committing.  You don’t log in to twitter for a month  but that’s ok because you’ve been busy.  You long for submission but on your terms.  You shouldn’t have to pay £50 to be in a filming session, after all, the Domme will be making money from it.

So, why is it always the other guy?

All tied up – self bondage

Paradoxical elements flow through the heart of BDSM.  Choosing limits when giving up control is an obvious example of this.  The submissive thrives on the idea of total surrender but will do so on their own terms.

For many they are unable, for whatever reason, to find someone to live out their inclinations in the real world.  Some will consume kink virtually through videos, online chat and other digital means.  Others may satisfy their kink on their own, whether it be dressing up, exercising self instructed control or indulging whatever other predilections they have.

For bondage aficionados, the idea of playing alone leaves more questions than answers.  The thrill of being bound is the loss of control.  The loss of control is as a result of another restraining the sub in such a way that they are unable to free themselves.  The act of self bondage can give the illusion of that lack of control, but to truly restrain oneself to the point of total restriction comes the reality that another is needed to ensure eventual freedom. Continue reading “All tied up – self bondage”

The problem with subs

It is quite a scary time realising you’re a submissive.  When you see a coming of age story not many of them veer in to the murky world of BDSM.  When you have that realisation that you get a kick from being controlled and pleasing another it is difficult to know where to go with it.

The internet is a god send of course.  Imagine 30 years ago your option was to front up to a fetish night, if you even knew what they were or where to find one.  Nowadays the relative anonymity of the net allows exploration in to many depths. Continue reading “The problem with subs”

What’s in a kink?

“A form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body etc”.  Whilst it says something about what ‘a fetish’ is, it also doesn’t put any meat on any bones.

At points in my sexual voyage of discovery I have come across things that I find down right bizarre.  Just at the point of making a judgement or snide comment I take a step back and realise that I in the same band.  I have a kink that has no rhyme or reason.  Who am I to think that someone who wants to dress up as a baby and sleep in a cot is any weirder than me who has an obsession with PVC and latex?  Is a sploshing enthusiast more peculiar than me as a boot fetishist? Continue reading “What’s in a kink?”


Every now and then there is a stage in this journey when a step up is made that seems to take things to a higher level. Whether it’s the first purchase of a kink toy or a first trip to a fetish night, things aren’t the same as they were before this milestone.

For the last five days I’ve experienced one of these milestones when I entered in to chastity for the first time. I bought a device and took the bold step to have it delivered to the office. I didn’t have a plan as such but having read about the devices and the role they play I decided to invest. Continue reading “Chastity”

Sign up for updates

I have had a few people ask me whether I have a mailing list with updates about the book and its release.  My answer up until now has always been in the negative but I plan to rectify that very soon.

If you would like to leave some details and go on the mailing list then fill in the contact form and I will be sure to include you on the list. Continue reading “Sign up for updates”

Chapter One

It seems a long while since I wrote it but I wanted to share Chapter One of More Than Whips and Chains with you all just to get it out there and hopefully whet the appetite of some of you.  All feedback welcome.

It has always intrigued me where we get our primeval desires from.  Why does one person have a preference for brunettes whilst another prefers redheads?  Why does one person like tall girls whilst another lusts after larger women?  Taking it to a more basic level, why does one person like being tied up by a latex clad dominatrix whilst another would be mortified at the thought? Continue reading “Chapter One”

What’s it all about?

Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my shiny new website.  I’ll take this chance to offer a brief explanation of what it is about and what can be expected.

After many years of writing about other subjects and losing interest, I have decided to turn my hand to writing about a hidden aspect of my life.  I am guessing if you are reading this you have some level of interest in BDSM/kink/bondage or whatever else you want to call it. Continue reading “What’s it all about?”