The value of a submissive

This is a bit of an introspective piece that I will try and keep away form being a pity party.  It comes on the back of quite a long period of self-reflection and observation.

I’ve been submissive for as long as I can recall.  Initially I didn’t know what that feeling was but it soon became part of a fantastic voyage of discovery.  In recent times I have delved back in to the kink scene, well at least I thought I had.  In reality, I had delved in to the social network kink scene with occasional real life experiences.  My real life trips to munches and the amazing Leeds Dungeon parties have been amazing, meeting real people sharing a passion for S&M.

Away from real life I am active on twitter (as you probably know if you have found your way here).  It is here where the lines begin to blur.  I felt that after speaking to some pro Domme’s in real life I felt like I could interact on social media with more credence than a random online sub.  I began to realise that I am no different when it comes to interaction and that I had no entitlement to a Domme’s time just because we had met either at a munch or networking event.

I average 1-2 visits to a pro Domme per year so to them I am far from worth the ongoing effort.  That is my choice and I know that if I could prioritise kink above other things.  I might do that in the future but my finances are quite tight and I make active choices to spend my money elsewhere.  The self-reflection tells me I am bordering on being a time waster on social media, with retweets and likes my currency.  I tell myself it will help boost profiles etc but deep down I know I am way behind the sub who has monthly sessions.

I set this twitter account and site up to promote a personal story but got caught up once I realised a whole kink world was out there on social media.  I might dial it back a bit (with a hope of finishing the blasted book) and then figure out where I go from there.

As always, thanks for reading.

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