Every now and then there is a stage in this journey when a step up is made that seems to take things to a higher level. Whether it’s the first purchase of a kink toy or a first trip to a fetish night, things aren’t the same as they were before this milestone.

For the last five days I’ve experienced one of these milestones when I entered in to chastity for the first time. I bought a device and took the bold step to have it delivered to the office. I didn’t have a plan as such but having read about the devices and the role they play I decided to invest.

Around the same time I’d been engaging in some virtual chit chat with a likeminded soul online and before I knew it I was fastening the device on and locking my boys bits up in a small steel cage. The feeling at the time is difficult to explain. It was excitement coupled with serious trepidation. I knew I had the key but I’d swore a vow to my long distance key holder that she would have control of its removal, medical emergencies aside. I sealed the keys in an envelope and sent her a picture. This was different in the fact that there was no instant reward or outcome. She went about her day to day life perhaps with little regard for my chastised parts. My chastity was an afterthought for her, an amusement perhaps, whilst for me it was my 24/7.

Simple things like using public toilets became more complex. Corner urinals or cubicles were needed. I couldn’t play with myself either, which sounds obvious as the aim but made me realise how many times I reach down there.

72 hours passed and we spoke about my progress. She deliberately got me excited to literally push the boundary of my cage. It hurt. I yelped. She laughed.

Two more days passed and I half heatedly asked to take it off. I wasn’t desperate but it was becoming hard work. Permission was refused. I could have taken it off anyway and she’d be none the wiser but that’s not what this is about. I was learning that instant gratification or immediate release don’t always fit with submission.

Another night passed and I failed in a task. I let real life get in the way and didn’t prioritise what was asked of me. I expect there will be a price to pay.

So here I am, six days on, still locked up and unsure what lies ahead. I’m learning very quickly.


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