What’s it all about?

Hi there.  Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my shiny new website.  I’ll take this chance to offer a brief explanation of what it is about and what can be expected.

After many years of writing about other subjects and losing interest, I have decided to turn my hand to writing about a hidden aspect of my life.  I am guessing if you are reading this you have some level of interest in BDSM/kink/bondage or whatever else you want to call it.

For me this interest began in my mid teens, but was hidden among the confusion and chaos of being a teenage boy.  What was behind my love of girls in leather skirts?  Why did I want to get caught on the playground by the girls?  Looking back now it is an obviously a subconscious manifestation of being submissive, but at that time I had no idea.

It has been a very interesting 20+ years of exploring, and is a journey that is still very much ongoing.  What I plan to do is chronicle my journey and publish it as an ebook.  There has been an explosion of interest in BDSM following the 50 Shades of Gray book and films.  I know it angered many on ‘the scene’ as an unrealistic take on BDSM but most certainly brought it out of the shadows and in to the main stream.  The finished product will detail my journey from a confused teenager to a confident thirtysomething submissive.  It won’t be an erotic thriller and will detail many of the awkward moments and situations I have wound up in.  It will obviously have naughty bits in, but will try and get behind the scene.

I am on twitter at @morethanwhips and will look to do a Facebook page if people think it worthwhile.  Feel free to say hello, I am always polite, as you would expect!


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